Elina Filice & Claudia Crampton Join Forces In “Lying”

Alternative R&B

Artwork: Artist courtesy

Canadian artist Elina Filice teams ups with Irish artist Claudia Crampton in their new single “Lying,” where the gals infuse modern hip-hop into the alternative R&B soundscape. Through crafty wordplay and smooth hooks, they dissect the different ways we use lies to hurt or protect someone valuable. There are jazzy hues to the track as the guitar and bass weave the soundscape, giving it a raw touch. Enjoy:

On the new single, Elina said: “Fascination with the concept of Lying inspired the song. So much of our lives, on a small and large scale, with how we relate to ourselves and each other, is based on lies. The lies we tell ourselves to get by, the lies we tell to either harm or protect each other.”

Claudia added: “My verses narrate the story of a relationship that has had its many ups and downs but has ultimately reached its end. The verses reflect the turmoil and hardship that come with an unfaithful partner and the difficulties in coping with the heartache.”

Both female and queer artists met by serendipity at an open mic in Dublin and started songsmithing together. “Lying” was produced and mixed by Kevin Brennan while mastered by Anton Graef-Weber.