Fialta’s “Omg” Is Nerd Rock For Millennial Malaise

Cant. Stop. Aging.

Photo: Band courtesy. Yep, that’s Margot Polo on the right.

If you’ve been trying to improve sleep quality, pile on good quality wine, and subconsciously laughing at your own dad jokes, then Fialta’s “Omg” is right up your alley. The Californian band has released “Omg,” a nerd rock anthem that transports you back to 2000s when obscure emosh rock songs were at their heyday. Blending lo-fi riffs with self-deprecating vent, “Omg” soars with Millennial dark humor as we start becoming the ‘older’ generation. Ugh:

“With this track we wanted to have fun with embracing some of that relatable, satisfying, funny nerd-rock we listened to in the early 2000s,” shared David Provenzano (lead vocals & guitar). “It’s a grittier, more raw direction than we’ve taken in the past as a band. It’s about millennial malaise —about our generation waking up and realizing we aren’t so young anymore, just kind of feeling tired and over it. But I think a lot of people, no matter their age, can relate to that sentiment right now.”

“Omg” is from the band’s upcoming third full length album, which they’ll be sharing soon. Stay tuned.