Worry Club Gives Us Smooth Heartburning Rock With “Work Out”

Alternative rock

Photo: Zack Zagula

“You don’t really think this is gonna work out” chants Worry Club, the solo project of Chicago-based artist Chase Walsh. In his second single “Work Out,” Worry Club delivers the burning uncertainty we often face while also infusing us with a sense of reassurance that it will be fine. It’s indie rock with a dreamy, propulsive production that has an R&B quality to it. “Work Out” is build on minimalistic hooks and mellow tones that feels heart-breakingly comforting:

Speaking of his music, Walsh shared: “I write songs for people who are still figuring out life, relationships, and their own happiness. I use my music as a tool to figure all this shit out and I find it cathartic that so many people who listen to my music relate to the things I am feeling… It’s like we get to figure it all out together. Music is the only way I can get some of the negative thoughts out of my head.”

Walsh has been playing music since the age of five and has learned to play the drums, piano, bass, and violin on his own. At the age of thirteen, he self-produced his first record and used his bedroom studio as his sanctuary to navigate through the tricky ups and downs of growing up. His last single “Japanese” has been making waves across Spotify, getting placed in Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Rock, and Billie Eilish’s Lorem Takeover.