Cheer Up Club Muses On Millennial Mess In New Single “In The Morning”


Photo: PR courtesy

Cheer Up Club is an LA-based act that is comprised of Millennial grown-ups (sorta) who don’t seem to be afraid to address the Costco-sized elephant in the room: pandemic, racism, violence, fucked up healthcare, financial distress, etc. Their latest song “In The Morning” offers a steady dose of indietronic frissons while trying to sort out all the mess that we’ve inherited in the past few years. Hit play:

On the track, the quartet shared:

“The chorus says “we can talk it over in the morning,” but there’s a lot we can’t just set aside for tomorrow: A pandemic, structural racism, domestic abuse, mental health and healthcare, the ever-expanding economic divide… For those enduring homelessness, all of those are amplified.

So what can we do together to provide immediate relief?

For starters, every cent we see from this song will go to the Women’s Crisis and Bridge Housing program at The Midnight Mission.

This is somewhat personal, as someone very close to me has been through this program successfully, and I’ve seen firsthand the support this program provides. It was also the first and largest program of its kind on Skid Row, and The Midnight Mission is the longest-running shelter in Los Angeles. What’s more, they’ve received the highest rating possible from Charity Navigator the last four years and counting.

Structural policy changes and years-long lawsuits are nice, but there are people that need socks, toothbrushes, tampons and food today. When we fight for a cause, we need to find ways to support those hardest hit by it. A dollar’s not much, but it adds up if a thousand people give one.

We know it’s a hard time for everyone right now, but chances are, it’s even harder without four walls to support you. So let’s try to make a change, however small to those who might need it most right now.

And hey, we hope this tune keeps your toes tapping in whatever quarantine situation you may find yourself in.”