Lemonade Baby Dances With Jealousy In “my baby, don’t forget” Ft. Aerborn

Dance pop

Photo: Artist courtesy

If you are looking for a track to spin around as you soak the jealousy that people around you are telepathically sending you, then Lemonade Baby’s latest single “my baby, don’t forget” ft. Aerborn is just right for you. And even if you’re not the jealousee, then this track is still a thumping soundscape to hop to as you indulge in the starry-eyed atmosphere of the track Stream below:

Speaking of the song, Lemonade Baby shared: “The song is about a close relationship that makes you feel good but makes others jealous. The line ‘my baby, don’t forget me lately’ refers to the joy of receiving love from this person. Aerborn and Lemonade Baby’s back 2 back vocals are a subtle nod to ‘Don’t You Want Me’ by The Human League.”

Lemonade Baby is an artist from Brisbane, Australia who formed early this year and has already been making waves across the press. He is currently getting ready to drop more singles.