Alfie Templeman Reflects On The Scarcity Of Time In “Forever Isn’t Long Enough”


Photo: Sarah Louise Bennett

Time becomes one of the most precious commodities as you age since responsibilities pile up and you end up giving a great chunk of it to run errands. Alfie Templeman reflects on the scarcity of time in his latest single “Forever Isn’t Long Enough.” Along with the single, he has also shared a new music video where we see him in a color-popping world. Enjoy:

“Some days I can’t stop thinking about how short life is and how you only have so much time to spend with the ones you love. Deep, right? Honestly I’ve made so many songs with the titles ‘Forever Isn’t Long Enough’ but this one felt the most meaningful,” commented Alfie. “I’m still way too young to give anyone life advice but this track to me is about how I’ve noticed that the further away you are from your memories, the closer they are to your heart.”