Be Wild And Carefree With Cinzia & The Eclipse’s “Runaway”


Photo: PR courtesy

Montreal artist Cinzia & The Eclipse embraces our inner carefree spirit (aka DGAF, be-yourself, you-do-you) in her latest single “Runaway.” It’s a pop ballad filled with grand-sized choruses and stomping percussions that inject you with a sense of self-loving restlessness. Defying orthodox conventions, “Runaway” is a shoutout to individuality and being your own best:

Speaking of her single, the gal shared: “I wrote ‘Runaway’ to put the feeling of having to constantly explain myself to rest – to feel free doing and being who I want to be. This song is about making your own decisions and following your own path, no matter how wild, impulsive, or insane it may seem.”

The track is from the gal’s upcoming album Little Italy, which will be out on October 23rd.