Charlie Belle Summons Melodic Euphony In “Looking For Magic”


Video still from Charlie Belle – Looking for Magic (OFFICIAL)

Sibling duo Charlie Belle (Gyasi Bonds & Jendayi Bonds) seeks out the flow state in their new single “Looking For Magic,” a playful pop piece that throbs in a smooth motion. Lyrically, it captures every musician’s quest to find that perfect beat, pressing our desire buttons to find that moment of sporadic epiphany. Enjoy:

On the single, Gyasi shared: “This music video is the first and purest piece of art that isn’t our music that we created as us, as ourselves, as Charlie Belle. Even down to the collaboration, to have had our friend Ben Root edit our music video, being that we’ve known him since we were kids, it feels like it’s meant to be. We’ve had so much help from friends and that feels good.”

Jendayi explained the song’s origins: “I wrote this song during my senior year of high school. Around then, Charlie Belle had already released a couple of EPs and we thought it was time to release an album. I’d never written a whole album before and was still in shock from all of the attention the first EPs got, so that whole senior year I was kinda worried, like ‘am I gonna be able to write a good song?’ So, that’s what the lyrics are about. It’s like I was given a black top hat, and I’ve got no choice; I’m really bad at magic shows, but I’ll put one on, and maybe we can hear a song.”

Be on the lookout for more singles from the duo in the upcoming weeks.