IIKINGS’ “Blue” Is 90s Underground Party Anthem

A dance with madness

Photo: PR courtesy

Toronto-based duo IIKINGS turns sadness into a mad waltz session in their latest single “Blue,” where they bring 90s flair of underground party music into modern chaos. It’s the type of banger you’ll blast as you try to forget or cry out everything that has made life difficult – breakups, SAD, pandemic, slow wi-fi, you get the idea. The video features their friend Roney Lewis who showcases stunning moves in a trippy world:

Speaking of the track, the duo shared: “The title satirically insinuates being sad – wait for the turning point in the song between feeling down and going mad. Lose yourself to dance, and come out on the other end pumped and ready to face the world.”

Slater Manzo and Red Farrow are the maestros behind IIKINGS (pronounced as ‘Two Kings’…maybe we should’ve added this in the beginning :P) who are planning to drop more music in the upcoming weeks.