Slow Pulp Break Mental Health Boundaries In “Montana”

Indie rock

Photo: Alec Basse

WI-bred, Chicago-based band return with brand new single “Montana,” where the quartet craft a raw soundscape weaved with chords and harmonica that yield a soft, meditative indulgence. Lyrically, the track dives into mental health and not letting it completely consume one’s identity. Enjoy:

“This song is about moving beyond defining myself in terms of my mental health. I’ve been working through this over the last couple of years and this song is a reflection of this process and where I am now. ‘Montana’ was the first song we finished recording for the album. Henry’s early demo was kind of heavy and distorted, and when we went to play it together for the first time, it came out a lot slower and cleaner. Our friend Willie Christianson wrote and recorded the slide guitar and harmonica parts.”

The track is from their upcoming debut album Moveys, which will be out on October 9th via Winspear.