SKIA Soundtracked Our Long-Distance Friendship In “Pocket”


Photo: Nina Himmelreich

Scandipop artist SKIA returns today with a new upbeat, wholehearted single “Pocket” where the gal gives a shoutout to friendships that defy distance and uncertainties. With its throbbing percussions and glowing atmosphere, “Pocket” captures the bond between two people who are willing to go against odds and keep each other tucked into their hearts:

“I wrote this song when my friend Nina went back to Munich earlier in the year after having a rough time, and I became worried she wasn’t going to come back to Liverpool again. We’ve both made a life in a new country, and the feeling of not knowing where we belong creeps up from time to time. ‘Pocket’ is essentially a song about friendship, and about working through your problems together instead of fleeing from there.”

Co-written and produced with Silvan Rupp, “Pocket” is out now via Heist or Hit.