The Blackmordia Takes Us On A Glamorous Crucifixion In “XX”

Alternative rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Parisian band The Blackmordia burns in glorious flames with style in their new video “XX,” a personal ode to love. Dissecting mental health issues and relationships, “XX” is a cinematic alternative piece that shines with 80s rock splendor while being glossed with layers of New Wave. There is a risqué air infused with moodiness in the piece, making it a dark romantic ballad:

“It’s an open letter to Love. Love can make you the happiest person on earth but also the saddest. The song explores the different stages of love and the behaviours lovers display. Sensuality, temptation, culpability, remorse,” explained lead singer Peter Moisans.

Founder and drummer $ofiane Seddiki added, “‘XX’ is one of the songs we wrote first, it’s a perfect reflection of The Blackmordia’s sound and our influences, from 70s black music, 80’s rock-pop, New Wave and Glam.”

“XX” is out now via Seddiki’s own label Throne Music.