Homes Muses On The Pains Of Adulting In “Mama I’m Tired”

Breezy pop

Cover Art: Gaelle Elma

Slovakian, 22-year-old artist Homes reflects on the disillusionment we often face once we become adults in his latest single “Mama I’m Tired.” It’s a bittersweet,  guitar-powered pop piece where Homes gently strikes our heartstrings through warm chords and melancholically comforting voice. It’s a sad ballad, but it’s a pleasant type of sadness where Homes sums up all the cluttered emotions we carry and lets us vicariously vent through him:

On the single, he explained: “I was going through a rough patch during the process of writing ‘Mama I’m Tired’ and pretty much every time I was with my mom I only vented to her and complained about how sad, frustrated and angry I am about everything around me – mostly about growing up, transitioning between adolescence and adulthood and entering the ‘real world,’ which turned out, as I say in the opening lines, ‘cold.’ My mental health had deteriorated quite drastically during that time of life, which was also a big part of the inspiration for the song. When I put together the music for it, I immediately knew what the theme would be.“

The track is from his upcoming EP Neha (means ‘loving gentleness’ in Slovak), which will be out on October 21st.