Tragic Sasha’s “Movie Star” Is For Everyone Slapped By Adulthood

And it still hurts

Photo: Dorothy Kay

North London-based artist Tragic Sasha taps into the soul-crushing experience of entering adulthood and not being able to rewind or pause it in her latest single “Movie Star.” It’s chic track with dark humor where Tragic Sasha’s soothing vocals gives us an empathetic voice. Along with the single, the gal has shared the official video for it directed and produced by Dorothy Kay. Time to cry:

On her new single, Tragic Sasha shared: “‘Movie Star’ is about growing up with the promise of adulthood being glamorous and exciting and then feeling cheated by the reality of it when you hit your twenties. Life is such a letdown when you base your expectations off of Sex and The City and Friends. I wanted to convey the disappointed resignation of that realisation in the song.”

Sasha Gurney is the mastermind behind Tragic Sasha who moved to London at the age of 18 to pursue her musical career. Since then, she’s been making music that speak to our quarter midlife crisis, bad dating, shitty friends, and other tragedies. For the remainder of this year, the gal will be sharing more music.