Millie Turner Finds Beauty Within Chaos In “Eye Of The Storm”


Artwork: PR courtesy

Millie Turner returns with a new single “Eye of the Storm,” a laidback, semi-minimalistic pop piece where the gal contemplates on the beauty one can find within chaos. “The entire process of writing it was a blur amongst illness, homesickness, heartache and jet lag, but for me, that’s the beauty of the song. The eye of the storm is a focus point amidst the storm where everything around you feels out of control and chaotic, which is what I wanted to capture in the urgency of the drums and the chorus. There’s something beautiful about chaos when you have that focal point of calm that you can grow from,” shared the gal. Hit play:

“Eye of the Storm” is the title song of the gal’s upcoming mixtape, which will be out on March 19th, 2021.