OZ Defies Nos In Her New Single “Foot Down”


Photo: OZ Facebook

OZ radiates her charismatic badassery in her latest single and noir video “Foot Down” where she defies those who have given her a ‘no.’ It’s a cinematic piece with grand-sized beats that captures both her unapologetic boldness while also giving us a foot-stomping melody to jam to while doing what we need to do. Check out the video by Natalie Sakstrup below:

“I think I’ve always been one of those people who reacts to the word No. when someone says ‘no you aren’t good enough’ or ‘no you can’t,’” explained OZ.  “I immediately make it my mission to prove them wrong. Foot Down is about lighting that fire in yourself and going after what you want no matter what anyone says. I’ve had an interesting journey in my musical life and I’m in a place now where I feel ready for anything and foot down is my musical expression of that feeling.”

“Foot Down” is from the gal’s upcoming debut EP Jupiter, which will be out on October 30th via Truth Records.