Smokescreens’ “Working Title” Is For Everyone On The Verge Of Breakdown

From upcoming record ‘A Strange Dream’

Photo: PR courtesy

LA trio Smokescreens beckon us into a shoegazey soundscape filled with swelling percussions and gauzy atmosphere in their new song “Working Title,” where they tap into the dread of being caught in a dead-end job and about to hit the breaking point. “’Working Title’ is a song about being at your wit’s end and wanting time to stop so you can catch your breath. For me it was a long time job I had that ground me down slowly over the years. I was there until I finally reached a breaking point. The song was written after that breaking point,” shared Chris Rosi of Smokescreens. Hit play:

The track is from the band’s upcoming record A Stranger Dream, which will be out on October 30th.