Syrup Groovily Fight With Stagnancy In “Turn”


Photo: PR courtesy

Brisbane act Syrup waltzes their way out of feeling stagnant in their latest single “Turn,” a colorful alternative piece that swirls you with its gritty bassline and funky guitar strings. There is an air of restlessness throughout the song as the beats keep jumping and nudging you to the dancefloor. Enjoy:

On the track, the duo shared:

“After taking some time stepping back to realign our choices in aesthetic of production, taste and ideas we decided to move along and further down the path of funk. This track was therefore built totally around the bassline and we are stoked that we channelled the energy of the low-end in this case. Lyrically the song takes place in an alternate space where someone is drawing their problems from their environment and is fighting the urge to leave. Tackling the age-old problem of feeling like you’re stuck in a place you don’t want to be and fighting to get out.”

Harry Pratt and Henry Anderson are the childhood friends behind Syrup who first bonded over their penchant for music and skating. They released their debut EP The Sponge in 2019 and have been making across the radio ever since. The duo will be sharing more music soon.