Time To Do Some Mental Decluttering With Glass Peaks’ “Lift Me”

Indie pop

Photo: PR courtesy

UK band Glass Peaks veers between doubtful melancholia and enlightening self-love in new single “Lift Me,” a dense indie pop piece flooded with gauzy riffs that take you on a ruminative path. The gossamer production illustrates the chaotic texture of our thoughts where every thought gets weaved with various emotions that can often cloud our own sense of self. If you’re feeling a little existential and need to practice being more gentle on yourself, hit play:

On the single, the trio shared: “It’s about needing someone else’s strength and realising that no matter how resilient you are, you can’t always carry the world on your shoulders. It’s about the heady romantic night walks followed by mind numbing arguments. It’s about realising your own self-worth and actually putting your foot down for once. I suppose in general it’s just about making a statement, and implementing the changes you want to see.”

Glass Peaks broke into the scene with their debut EP It’s Raining On The Wrong Side, which gained traction from the media. The band has been spending their lockdown songsmithing and practicing (socially distanced). With more music coming up, Glass Peaks will be knocking your eardrums soon.