Bushwick Blooze Band Pours Out Heartbreak In “Lonely And Blue”


Photo: PR courtesy

Brooklyn-based trio Bushwick Blooze Band metamorphoses the classic sound of blues into an avant-garde one filled with genre-crossing elements in their new single “Lonely and Blue.” It’s an intricately crafted midtempo piece filled with shimmering chords, gritty guitar strikes, and heartbeating drums that captures the emotional chaos of longing for someone. “I feel nothing / Without you” chants vocalist Brother Dave with his raspy, towering voice. Throughout the song, the listener can also catch a glimpse of country influence that makes “Lonely and Blue” befitting in both a jazz bar or saloon. While thematically the song explores heartache, the buoyant production and feel-good riffs make “Lonely and Blue” a warm track that is great for chilling. There is also rawness to the piece, radiating a pinch of classic rock’n’roll spirit that gives it a notch of edginess to it. Stream below:

Comprised of Brother Dave (vocals/guitar), Chas Rios (bass), and David Cornejo (drums), Bushwick Blooze Band has been playing across the NYC scene since 2018 and have been known for pushing the boundaries of the blues genre by infusing elements of rock, country, jazz, and funk. They released their cover album Cryin’ for the L Train back in 2019, which paid tribute to the history of blues and rock. “Lonely and Blue” is the trio’s latest single and was released on March 18th via Chas Rio Music. The trio is currently preparing to release their first album Yes Dear, which they’ll be sharing more details soon.