Catastrophe & Cure Talked To Us About Rock, Songsmithing & Cannibalism

Beware of the bassist

Photo: Sophie Frank

Hailing from Vienna, Austria, Catastrophe & Cure make rock music that has been trimmed with the edgy rawness of garage and infused with indie flair. Comprised of Johannes Eder (vox, guitar), Lukas Kargl (guitar), Raphael Rameis (drums), Sebastian Kargl (bass), and Maximilian Atteneder (keys), the quartet were born and raised in Steyr, Upper Austria before moving into Vienna. Their debut album Like Crazy Doves won the Amadeus Austrian Music Award while their single “On The Internet” was selected as one of the Best Indie Rock Songs of 2017 by Red Bull Germany. Since then, they’ve toured extensively across Europe and headlined major festivals.

We had the opportunity to chat with Johannes Eder who shared the band’s story, quirks, and survival skills.

Give us a bit of background, how did you guys end up forming a band?

We went to school together and just started to hang out and play music – almost a bit of a cliché. I guess there’s something inside of us that needs to get out and somehow we found a channel for that in music.

What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you during a concert?

Nothing really crazy ever happened to us during a concert apart from broken guitar strings, spilled beer and power blackouts.

Do you guys have any weird rituals before playing a show?

We don’t have a weird ritual but we always do a band hug before we go on stage.

What about in the studio, any unique rituals there as well?

Not really to be honest. There is no typical day in the studio as we record a lot of the stuff in our basement and then just certain songs or parts in a studio. However, there is one constant: the day starts with a cup of coffee.

Which of your songs was the most difficult to make and why?

Phew, I think “Clock” was the most difficult to make. Over the course of two and a half years we changed pretty much everything about the song: the tempo, the key, the harmonies, the arrangement. Only the vocals and the weird lead synth stayed the same. “Another Wave” on the other hand almost wrote itself. We had a couple of chords, the lead guitar and all of a sudden the song was finished.

What are some things you’ve done to stay sane during this weird year?

I don’t think that I stayed sane. It’s still tough.

What are your goals for 2021?

In April 2020 we released our new album Somewhere Down the Line. The goal for 2021 is to get back on the stage and perform our new album live.

If you guys get stranded on a desert island, who’s the first member to die? Who do you think will survive? And finally, who do you think will turn to cannibalism? This is purely “hypothetical” 🙂

I’m pretty sure that I would die first because I have two left hands. I think our keyboardist would have a good chance of surviving, as he has a lot of knowledge that is completely useless in a civilized society but would be useful on a desert island. Since our bass player has medical training, I believe he would be the first to turn to cannibalism. He would put his Hippocratic oath behind him and take advantage of his surgical experience. Purely “hypothetical” of course, haha.

Let’s say the world ends tomorrow and you decide to throw an apocalyptic party tonight. What song will you choose as the opener? And which one as the final one before we all die in flames?

I’m not really someone who likes to throw parties, but this would seem like a good occasion. “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” by R.E.M. is quite an obvious but nevertheless good choice for the opener. The final song would be “Videotape” by Radiohead, you know, to go out dancing with tears in our eyes.

Crying and dancing before the world ends…it’s like typical 2020 Thursday night.

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