David Thompson’s EP ‘the wall’ Is An Exploration Of Self & Time


Photo: PR courtesy

Philadelphia artist David Thompson has been performing across local scenes between 2012 and 2014, as part of the three-piece act Big Tusk. While Thompson has taken a break from music living the normal life, this year’s quarantine has allowed him to churn out every ounce of his melodic creativity into his EP the wall. This five-piece record explores the emotional chaos, restlessness, and sense of self while keeping us moving.

Thompson beckons us with the starting track “time,” where he reflects on our love/hate relationship with time. Sparked with disco elements and dense synths, “time” nudges its listeners into the dancefloor where we get to waltz around the fluid notion of time. Despite having too much ‘free time’ due to quarantine, it still feels restricted and often exhausting. The follow up, “the wall,” radiates an 80s glow with tints of psychedelia as Thompson navigates through the societal chains we end up confining ourselves.

In “this goon cant” soars over a midtempo soundscape accompanied by stomping synths and sizzling atmosphere where Thompson chants, “Couldn’t hold any connection / It’s just a movie in my mind.” There is a sense of longing and tiredness throughout that piece, evoking that feeling of having passed one’s own threshold for pain. The following “clair” takes off with striking chords that swirls you into its kaleidoscopic production filled with heartbreak and nostalgia. Again, Thompson refers back to time by chanting “Claire I’ve wasted all these years / Claire I don’t think it ever clears without you.”

The ending song “obsession,” carries that say nostalgia from its predecessor where Thompson boxes us into the reminiscing moment of looking the image of someone we once loved. “Whenever I want you / I type your name and we’re alone.” With this, Thompson leave us thinking within the existential confinements of our walls, going through memories and the timeless realizations about ourselves that keep us awake at night.