Lord Sonny The Unifier Share Outside Anthem “(All My Friends Live) Underground”


Photo: PR courtesy

Brooklyn-based band Lord Sonny The Unifier shares the ultimate renegade anthem tilted “(All My Friends Live) Underground.” It’s an alternative rock piece with traces of post-punk that gives it a dark, edginess. The track captures the blissful sense of belonging that outsiders feel when they finally find their niche. “So come on down / Enter alone and you’ll find yourself / IN the middle of a crowd” chants Lord Sonny The Unifier. With gritty basslines and bursting drums, the song skyrockets you to explosive heights while also keeping your head spinning with its flooding synths. There is an unapologetic unity throughout the piece as the band embraces being different and breaking the orthodox notions of being normal in this day and age. In a way, “(All My Friends Live) Underground” is a marching song calling to embrace our own individuality and joining others who share our same spirit. The song comes with an official video written, directed and edited by B.A. Miale:

On the single, the artist commented, “‘(All My Friends Live) Underground’ is a song about iconoclasts and outsiders who find their group of freaks, or Tribe in the shadows and underbelly, outside the conventions of society. It’s a calling to join us and leave behind what society has embraced as the norms and the acceptable, the well-trod path above. Leave the trivialities being thrust upon us since birth and join our Tribe and rediscover there the truths that will enrich you and not those who suck your energy in order to enrich themselves.”

Lord Sonny The Unifier is lead by Gregory Jiritano who formed the band with his friend Carmine Covelli (drums), Tyler Wood (keyboard), and Derek Nievergelt (bass). Jiritano has been playing in bands since the age of 12 and soon started performing across NYC venues at the age of 16. “(All My Friends Live) Underground” is from his upcoming EP All New Information, which he’ll be sharing more details soon.