Nashaat Salman Drops Existential Single “Live It All My Way” Ft. John Lee Sanders


Artwork: PR courtesy

Transcending genres and boundaries, Nashaat Salman’s latest single “Live It All My Way” ft. John Lee Sanders is a piece that can’t be boxed into one category. The track is infused with Eastern Mediterranean vibe that is blended with both classic and alternative elements. With bursting choruses drenched with echoes, “Live It All My Way” is a celebration of freedom and call for arms to break away from the soul-sucking monotony that we often find ourselves chained to endlessly. Sander’s vocals bring a dynamic presence into the piece, making the track an infectiously energetic one that is filled with cathartic moments of epiphany and self-reflection. It’s the type of track that feels like a motivation booster but also a reminder to step outside of the boring comfort zone and truly seek things that give meaning to our lives. Hit the play button:

Nashaat Salman is a seasoned musician who has been composing for radio stations, TV, and more for the past two decades. He debuted his first EP back in July 2015, which is part of his long-term project Universal Melodies. With this project, Salman intends to bring all of his works together by bending genres and cultures. Salman is currently based in Switzerland who also orchestrates on top of composing music.

John Lee Sanders is an Emmy-nominated composer and artist who is known for his works in jazz, blues, and roots. He has shared stages, toured, and even recorded with iconic artists including Jimmy Page, Stevie Wonders, and many more. Sanders has previously toured major jazz and blues festivals around the world.