The Zolas’ “I Feel The Transition” Is The Diss Track That 2020 Needs

Uh huh

Photo: Artist courtesy

The Zolas give the midfinger to 2020 centrists in their latest single “I Feel The Transition,” a bursting indie rock piece that channels the frustration of our generation. Coated with gossamer percussions, “I Feel The Transition” is one chaotic harmony that yields slick hooks hard to avoid. “Other than just being a solid pre-game mood, our new song, ‘I Feel the Transition,’ is mainly a diss track to centrists in 2020: a year of explosive change, but so far heavy on the explosive and light on the change,” shared the band. “We’ve got a whole generation coming of age and immediately noticing that the politicians in power now don’t have the spine to make real moves on climate change, wealth disparity, or countless other issues.” Enjoy: