HELMAUD Takes Us On A Parisian Ride In New Video “Hey Boi ! Feat. DIXIE”

Conquering one street at a time

Photo: PR courtesy

Parisian artist HELMAUD takes us driving through the shiny streets of Paris in his new video “Hey Boi ! feat. DIXIE.” It’s DIY-style video where we get to see the iconic Eiffel Tower while also soaking on the vibrant nocturnal air of the city. Watch below:

On the video, he shared: “After many unsatisfying cuts based on another story from a former director, I decided to change totally and go for a real DIY video. A variation on an old hip-hop famous theme: the whip ride – a tribute to American hip hop iconography. We thought this 1964 Cadillac riding along contemporary Paris would fit the soul vibe on the modern beat and attitude of this song. Knowing that Dixie is half American (New Orleans) & I’m a full Parisian, it made sense. No one was in town or available for the last-minute deadline. Then comes Isabel Deprice, an old friend of mine, (who featured in my previous music video ‘I Know Your Game,’ shot by Ryan Doubiago). In the end, it was shot in 2 hours with an iPhone & edited with an iPad.”