Ilithios Drops New Anti-Privilege Track “Rattle Your Sabre”

Including the emotionally-privileged

Photo: PR courtesy

Ilithios, aka Manny Nomikos, is back with another single “Rattle Your Sabre” where he takes a bite to the privileged. And we’re not strictly talking about financial ones, but the emotional ones as well who act like they empathize but really, they don’t know jack shit. Built on layers of clashing percussions, “Rattle Your Sabre” is a cinematic reflection on how ignorance can be a bliss for someone, but piss for others:

“‘Rattle Your Sabre’ is a taunt against the privileged around us. Not just privileged through economic means, but also emotionally. The people blessed with a proper upbringing, loving family, and a rational mind. There’s a stream of consciousness to the lyrics but overall it’s a mischievous poke at those people who have those things and how they interact with the rest of us.”

The track is form Ilithios’ upcoming debut LP FLORIST, out on October 23rd via Totally Real Records.