Lupin Takes Us Into The Magical World Of Claymation In New Video “KO Kid”

Your childhood on acid

Photo: Muriel Margaret

Lupin has shared his latest video for “KO Kid,” a laidback piece that captures anxiety through dreamy hooks. Along with the track, he has also shared the video directed by Karla Mellett where we get to live in a wonderful world of Claymation, making you feel like you’re realizing all your childhood fantasies:

“I had the ‘KO Kid’ guitar progression for a long time before I eventually worked it into a finished track,” said Lupin. “I was having a really difficult time trying to write a melody over it, so one day I decided to just improvise the vocals for the verses, which is why the melody feels more off the cuff than the other songs. The lyrics allude to the night I told my girlfriend at the time about my attraction to a non-binary friend. I’ve spent most of my life repressing my attraction to people that didn’t identify as women, so I wrote the idea of the KO KID-character as a way to fight those inhibitive and self-imposed judgments.”

“KO Kid” is from Lupin’s upcoming self-titled solo debut, which will be out this Friday.