The Jensens Illustrate Real-Life Camaraderie In “Paper Walls”

Indie pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Brisbane band The Jensens capture their band and friendship chemistry in new video “Paper Walls,” where we get to see them engage in all kinds of horseplay and other highly weird activities in split screen. The track, on the other hand, is about being gentler to yourself and keeping in touch with your self-faith. Watch below:

“‘Paper Walls’ are resolutions without any weight – like sand castle promises to yourself, washed away by the weekend.  Unending internal conversations about doing more, being more, and seeing more, when you realise you’ve once again chosen bad habits over hard work.  And who could blame you?  But there’s still a desire for self improvement that doesn’t go away, so you turn your back on your former self, again and again.  It’s not about being hard on yourself, it’s about having faith in a vision of a better version of you.”

The track is from the band’s upcoming album Hammer And Blush, which will be out on May 21st.