C’est Karma Sings Against Misogyny In “Pool Party”

Indie pop

Photo: Martins Goldbergs

Hailing from Luxebourg, C’est Karma is an 18-year-old artist who isn’t afraid to use her voice. Her latest single “Pool Party” is built on shimmering strings where her smooth vocal fluidity yield a chillaxing warmth. Lyrically, the gal breaks down the objectification of female bodies through deliberate reflection. “I feel particularly exposed and vulnerable on beaches,” explained C’est Karma. “These stares make me feel even more self-conscious; I feel like prey when I can feel an unknown man’s eyes scan my body. This is what this song’s about: it’s about men we don’t know that have the power to make us feel uneasy.” Stream below:

“Growing up, I was always taught how to protect myself, how to dress in order not to be sexually assaulted, how to behave decently. Because as a society, we still silently accept that women are always responsible for how they’re perceived. We rarely hold men accountable for their creepy stares,” she added. “The truth about dress codes is that they’re mostly put in place for women – so that they dress ‘properly’ and don’t show too much skin – and it’s this exact mentality that precedes the victim-blaming culture that we see today.”