Boh Doran Navigates Through Breakneck Change In “on fire”

Indie pop

Artwork: PR courtesy

LA artist Boh Doran returns with new single and video “on fire,” where the gal muses on all the changes and forced stagnancy that we’ve been dealing it this year. If your plans got burned by 2020, then this is the track that pretty much sums it up. Speaking of the single, the gal added: “This was the first song I started writing during quarantine. I was going through a complete life change. Everything happened so fast – I had a surprise kid, was suddenly a mom, and then put on lockdown for the first 6 months of Rocket’s life (my son) when I had already been on ‘lockdown’ for 9 months of pregnancy. With no end of staying at home in sight, my new normal was a COMPLETE 180 from my previous musician, LA lifestyle. The song is about all the feelings I wanted to stuff away, but sometimes ended up bursting out anyway, IE the ‘fire.’” Enjoy:

On the video, she added: “The video extends the theme and was intended to touch on the conflict between wanting to be good but feeling so bad about myself. Wanting to appear perfect but feeling so messy. We have the angel wings in the dark, and the dark outfits and makeup in the light. The ‘good school girl’ and the ‘angel’ but both are a little gothy. The darker Stevie Nick’s type outfit in the daylight…playing with contrasts. Its also supposed to be just a good feeling 90’s throwback video a la The Cranberries or something. Also, there is a kitchen scene on the floor, where I’m basically praying in the night. The kitchen is the hearth of the home but also can be the scene of total meltdowns. Its symbolic of what used to be the “woman’s domain.” Women usually willexpress their fire more than men in the home, because its more repressed for us in the world. We are supposed to be nice, not angry. That’s obviously changed a LOT but I think the firey emotion theme for women is an interesting one.”

Be on the lookout for more firing singles from the gal.