Great Park Avenue Taps Into Uncertainties In New Single “The Rain”

Rock it

Photo: PR courtesy

Swedish rockers Great Park Avenue returns with a new chromatic single “The Rain,” where they explore the uncertainties that come with intimacy. Radiating the nostalgic sound of Britpop, “The Rain” takes off with a laidback suspense before the stomping riffs kick in and propel our adrenalin forward. Hit play:

Speaking of the song, the band shared:

“In short it’s a love song. With the lyrics I just tried to vaguely describe the feelings and uncertainties within a relationship. I try not to describe anything too closely, I mention both John Wayne and Bruce Lee who are two very powerful and influential human beings who can either help you fight through a rough period and make you recover from it, or make things seem even more hopeless, setting a perfect example of how things should be.

But other than that I try to leave things quite open for interpretation, I often think that you can get a bit too close to the artist, you want the story to be your own, not some guy’s who you’ve never even met.

It has a slow start but comes to life more and more the longer you spend time with it and listen, which to many people is exactly how a long-lasting relationship is supposed to start.

But more often it starts the other way around, same with songs”