Okey Dokey Re-Conceptualizes Loneliness & Mortality In “Wine Friends”

Indie pop

Still from Okey Dokey – Wine Friends (Official Video)

Nashville band Okey Dokey re-molds our perception towards loneliness and death in their new single “Wine Friends.” Rather than practicing avoidance, Okey Dokey practices the art of acceptance. “There is a moment where you settle into the concept that you may be alone someday. I feel like expectation breeds regret and when you get rid of it you can breathe a little more. This song was sorta written as a way to say that dying is something that I will always look forward to as long as I can look back and say that it was my journey and I always embraced it,” shared the band. Hit play:

“Wine Friends” is from their upcoming album Once Upon One Time, which will be out on October 23rd via Park the Van.