T Truman Boogies With His Friends & Reflections In New Video “Born To Be Right”

It’s 70s baby

Photo: Samuel Ware

T Truman (aka The Vaccines’ keyboardist) throws a 70s party in his garage with multiple mirrors in his new video “Born To Be Right.” Yes, this is a massively brilliant idea for those of us who want to invite only a few people over and a ton of our reflections (coz you can never get tired of your perfect face) to boogie during the heydays of disco.  “I’m just having a joke about being a know it all and wondering why no one likes my company,” T Truman commented on his new single. “Naturally the video needed a disco scene. So my mate and I cleared out a garage in Australia, put on safari suits and begged our friends to come.” Enjoy:

The track is from his debut EP Born To Be Right, which is out now so press play: