Nick Ward Explores His Identity In “I Wanna Be Myself Or Nothing At All” Ft. Lontalius

A journey of self-discovery

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Nick Ward teams up with Lontalius in his latest single “I Wanna Be Myself Or Nothing At All” where he invites us into his own personal journey of discovering sexuality and building identity. The smoky beginning culminates to cathartic, atmospheric moments as we witness the long journey of overcoming our fears and fully embracing ourselves in a slick 3.5 min ballad. Hit play:

On his latest release, Ward explained:

“The song is about my journey with my own identity and sexuality while attending an all-boys school. It’s scared the living shit out of me since I wrote it a couple of years ago in the midst of it all. Having Lontalius feature on this song is still mind-blowing to me – his music soundtracked a lot of those years in high school. He’s the only feature on the whole project, and I really love what he brought to it. The lyrics have been floating around on my phone for a couple years, but the production and arrangement has taken many different forms. I really love blending production elements from different genres, and I see this song as a blend of boom-bap drums, baroque-style choral arrangements and folk elements. I produced, performed and mixed the whole project in my bedroom.”

Ward is set to release more songs in the upcoming months before unveiling his debut project, so stay tuned.