Palace Winter’s “Richard (Says Yes)” Ft. Penny Police Is Ode To Late Little Richard


Photo: Dennis Morton

After watching a documentary on Jimi Hendrix and discovering Little Richard, Palace Winter were stricken by the flow state and decided to songsmith an explosive ode to the late Richard. Obviously the song is called “Richard (Says Yes)” and features the graceful vocals of Penny Police’s Marie Fjeldsted along with eargasmic saxophone of Ned Ferm (MØ, Mark Guiliana, Yusef Lateef). Built on a breakneck flood of bursting beats, syncopated layers, and distorted harmony, the track smashes right through your eardrums and dumps all kinds of chromatic frissons:

Little Richard came on and we were both just floored by how f***in’ alive and funny and inspiring he was. So, he kind of became this little team mascot for us. Like, just do it ALL! ‘Put some sugar on it, man! MORE!’ So this song is exactly that. Richard says yes to f***in’ EVERYTHING!” said lead singer Carl Coleman. It’s a “big colourful banger to fill the canvas.”

The track is from the duo’s upcoming LP …Keep Dreaming, Buddy out on October 23rd.