TANDM Perfect The Art Of Color Coordination In New Video “Earthworm”

Indie pop

Photo: Artist courtesy

Toronto duo TANDM showcases the art of flawless color coordination in their new video “Earthworm.” Co-directed by TANDM’s Maxine Beck-Sinderby and Director Michael Cao, we get to see the duo in minimalistic settings playing instruments while the colors change. It’s a chic video that captures the duo’s playfulness and positivity that is hard for us to resist. “Earthworm” radiates their sanguinity through the airy riffs and serene vocals that sages away any unwanted bad vibes:

“This song is our response to the people who don’t believe music-making to be a professional career, or in a musician’s ability to succeed. Rooted from our personal experiences, having been asked ‘okay, I get that you’re into music, but what are you really going to do?’” explained TANDM.  “‘Earthworm (2020 Remastered)’ is confident, fast-paced, and cheerful in contrast with the condescending mentality that many have towards the arts. We believe that financial income should not be a reason to dismiss a passion as an unworthy career path. There is beauty and emotions that resonate from the arts, unlike anything else, that deserve recognition and respect.”

The track is from the duo’s upcoming EP Reflections (Remastered), which will be out on October 22nd.