Lord Sonny The Unifier Shares New Psych Rock Single “Pay The Man (When You Leave)”

From new EP ‘All New Information’

Photo: PR courtesy

Brooklyn-based band Lord Sonny the Unifier returns with new single “Pay The Man (When You Leave),” a new psychedelic rock anthem where Lord Sonny takes us on an odyssey that explores selfishness and consequences. Built on a flood of striking chords and stretchy vocal outbursts, “Pay The Man (When You Leave)” has the enigmatic swirling energy of psychedelia but also showcases the old school spirit of rock’n’roll. “I’m gonna take it all / If it’s there it’s mine / If it’s shiny I’m blind” chants Lord Sonny. Despite the indulgence into lust, there is always an acknowledgement of the price that comes with giving into one’s desires. “The sign says it’s free on your way in / But you Pay the man when you leave.” Through its cascade of explosive riffs, Lord Sonny gives us a much-needed dose of blood-rushing soundscape that keeps our head spinning. The track comes with a music video directed by his regular collaborator B.A. Miale where we get to explore human greed and its consequences. Watch below:

Gregory Jiritano started Lord Sonny The Unifier with his friends Carmine Covelli (drums), Tyler Woods (keyboard), and Derek Nievergelt (bass). Jiritano picked up the guitar at the age of eight and has been playing in bands by the age of 12. Since he was a teenager, Jiritano has been playing across bars in New York City and spent his early years honing his own sound. After working with other artists, Jiritano decided to go solo and started making music in his studio in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, the studio caught fire and he ended losing everything he has worked. But rather than give up, he decided to restart and take a different approach by renting a studio  and recruiting his friends to play with him. His upcoming EP All New Information, which will be out on November 13th, is the result of Jiritano’s persistence and teamwork that have brought together the creativity of many people.