Lost American Shares Southern-Rooted Electronic Song “Robot Spark (Rauch Von König Remix)”

Meet the Nashville artist

Photo: PR courtesy

Lost American takes us into another electronic dimension filled with unexpected genre hybridization in his new single “Robot Spark (Rauch Von König Remix).” Soaked with smokiness and haunting echoes, Lost American chants with a dark enigmatic air, “Pretty part / Happy bot / Robot love / Robot spark.” The choruses have an eerie auto-tune feel to it as Lost American boxes you into a futuristic world with brief, evocative imageries. Along with the dark tones, there is a southern edginess to the melody, bringing an unexpected novel polish to the track. With “Robot Spark (Rauch Von König Remix)” pushes the boundaries of electronic music by adding his own influences:

In describing his newest release, Lost American shared: “I’m calling it Southern Gothic electronic: a modern take on what triggers passions in the deep South.”

Chris E. Kelley is the mastermind behind Lost American, who’s been leading a nomadic life for the past two decades after the 9/11 attacks. At that time, Kelley was flying to Novosibirsk, Russia and trying to understand his homeland country from abroad. Kelley has been living in Bulgaria and South Africa before settling in Spain with his husband in 2015. Since then, he’s been playing across venues in Barcelona and released his first record in 2016. His singles “Put Me in a Spell” made waves across LGBT media whereas his politically-charged single “Fearless Leader” has taken Kelley back to his home roots. Now based in Nashville, Kelley is reconnecting with his old friends and families while songsmithing new tracks.