Master The Art Of Vulnerability With Marcus James & RYYZN’s “Night Light”

Emo house

Photo: PR courtesy

Marcus James joins forces with Vancouver duo RYYZN in new single “Night Light” where they explore the difficult art of being vulnerable and asking for help. It’s an emotionally-charged piece where the trio blend the buoyant, sizzling elements of house while breezing our ears with nocturnal rush. Hit the play button:

Speaking of the track, James tells us: “‘Night Light’ is about trying to put on a brave face to the world when things aren’t going well. One of the hardest things is to be vulnerable and ask for help, and sometimes when you don’t want to talk about it, you just want to be around the person that makes you feel like it’s okay to feel this way. As the first single off our upcoming collaborative EP, the lyric video for ‘Night Light’ really captures how RYYZN and I basically became family over the past year as we worked on these songs. After everything we’ve been through together, the RYYZN guys and I will always be there to support each other and we have this music to thank for that.”

The track is from their upcoming EP, which will be out in February 2021 via Physical Presents.