Raveen Balance Skepticism & Hope In “At My Best”


Photo: Artist courtesy

Canadian trio Raveen navigate through the tricky skepticism and uncertainties that come in the quest for love in their new single “At My Best.” It’s a chill, indie pop piece built on breezy riffs that capture the feeling of unfamiliarity and discomfort one has to go through to find happiness. Produced by Braids’ Austin Tuffs, “At My Best” is a broody soundscape where the trio juggle with bliss, caution, and hope. Check out the video directed by Connory Ballantyne below:

On their new release, the trio tells us: “There’s a cautiousness that comes with stepping out of a years’ long mental fog.  You somehow wobble and hesitate while jumping straight into falling in love again.  At times like this, happiness can feel like putting on a new pair of shoes you haven’t quite broken in just yet. Our new single, ‘At My Best,’ strikes a balance between hopeful, newfound joy and anxious skepticism.”

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