The smallest Creature Repolish Rock In New Record ‘Magic Beans’

Alternative rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from Cyprus, Larnaca, The smallest Creature is a rock quartet that was originally formed by Stefanos Marneidas who started crating music under the moniker back when he was living in New York. After Stefanos returned to his home country, he recruited his friends Stephanos Nicolaou (bass) and Iacovos Stylianides (drums). The band released their debut record Million in November 2016 and went through a band lineup change when Nicolaou moved countries and Pavlos Papadopoulos replaced him. Around the same time, the band recruited Andreas Matheou as lead guitarist. With this new lineup, The smallest Creature have unveiled their latest 11-track album Magic Beans.

With a suspenseful, eerie start, “Would You Blink” opens the record by drawing its listners into the hypnotic midtempo filled with soaring riffs. “Be someone that you love / Be someone only you devise” chants Stefanos. The track preaches a form of self-love and freedom that we acquire through growth while encapsulating us in a form of captivating haze. The following “October Song,” is a slow-burner where they capture the haunting spirit of the month. In “Glow,” the quartet take on a grungier direction with its splashy drums and smashing guitar chords as they navigate through the chaotic mess of our world, which we’ve all contributed by turning a blind eye.

“Break Me” feels like a love song that isn’t meant to be romantic. It has a pinch of punk influence to it as they chant about the ways love can ‘make’ and ‘break’ someone interchangeably. In “You Are Ready” the band throws in lyrical juxtapositions and contrasts while hooking you with its foot-stomping rhythm. The follow up anthem “Crawl” has more melodic density to it where we get showered with sizzling waves of percussions. Lyrically, “Crawl” corners us into a vulnerable space where we persevere despite facing failures. With gritty flair, “Let Burn” knocks through our eardrums where they capture our restless relationship with time, which seems highly applicable to this year.

The smallest Creature bring some Spaghetti West quality to “Find,” a broody piece that dives into the loneliness and hopelessness we often experience in our lowest moments. In “Cut Through Me,” the quartet beckon us into a semi-ominous soundscape as the stretchy croons “You seem well” deliver an eerie tension. The penultimate song “Come Back” has a smooth, indie-feel start that quickly transcends into bursting guitars and smashing drums as they illustrate our incessant wrestling with uncertainties. The band wraps up Magic Beans with “The Mist,” a soaring downtempo piece that has a mild touch of pop to it. “I live up in a mist where you can’t walk / I stare high above seas and you don’t know.” With its warm, hazy beats, “The Mist” feels like a mental journey into one’s secret hiding place. Through these 11 tracks, the band continues excavating their own psyche while also pushing their sound to new territories.