Life Size Models Give Us A Melodic Escape In “A Way Out”


Photo: Lucid Sound and Picture

Hailing from San Jose, CA, Life Size Models gives us the ultimate sonic getaway from our daily routines, thoughts, and surroundings with their new single “A Way Out.” It’s a broody, dark piece with crashing riffs and gritty lyrics that lets you vicariously pour out all the stagnancy-induced frustrations. With the raw air of garage, “A Way Out” is a blazing melody where LSM repolish the classic elements of rock with their own modern flair. Hit play:

“If you look around at the world, you’re likely to want an escape too. ‘A Way Out’ was written because we needed a way out of our heads, our habits, even our environment. When you’re frustrated and restless, like so many of us are, the need for an exit sign looms larger. Does that outlet come from a scream, a hug, a laugh, a song, another human connection? ‘I can give you a way out, if you want me to’. You choose. Just move forward.”

Life Size Models are Chris Seymour (vocals/rhythm guitar), Jon Sosa (lead guitar/vocals), Anthony Martos (bass/vocals), Stephen Seymour (rhythm guitar), and Chris Denn (percussion). Their works have been features on The Bay Area’s ALT 105.3 and various TV shows. In 2019, they opened for UK band Circa Waves at the iconic Bottom of the Hill venue in San Francisco. Stay tuned for more releases from the band in the upcoming weeks.