Mera Bhai’s New EP ‘Futureproofing’ Is For Mindful Dancing

And it’s a hodgepodge of genres

Photo: Kamal Rasool

There are not specific boxes to label Mera Bhai’s sound and we won’t even try – but what we can say is that the London-based DJ/producer definitely knows how to hit different parts of our reward center through brain-gluing beats. From Indian Carnatic music to tropicalia, Futureproofing is the offspring of Bhai’s unlimited creativity and dexterity in crafting an avant-garde melody that feels novel, familiar, confusing, and delicious. Enjoy:

Futureproofing is about finding more and more moments where you can be totally conscious and lucid,” he continues, “ultimately, it is a dance music record – which is a hard label for me to digest because of the connotations tied to it: bro-ey, watered down, music for the masses. It has become un-conscious, but when you think about dancing, it is something ritualistic, fundamental and important – also inexplicable. It really felt like that was the only way that made sense for me to explore and express what I needed to.”

Futureproofing is out now via Moshi Moshi.