Paper Idol Gets Hilltop Glam & Groove On In New Video “Ready For Love”

Hilltop haircut…not even on Groupon (yet).

Photo: PR courtesy

LA-based artist Paper Idol invites us into his vanity world of hilltop glam and musical swagger in his new video “Ready For Love,” directed by Mike Williams. It’s a starry-eyed piece that has a weird magnetic charm to it as it draws you in with this-is-nice beats that turn into can’t-get-this-outta-my-head. “My original goal with ‘Ready For Love’ was to make something you could hear in a lobby of some ritzy hotel and think, ‘this actually doesn’t suck.’ By the time Adam [keyboards] and I finished, we made the chorus so intense that I don’t think any hotels will play it in their lobbies. The lyrics are about being deep in love and losing yourself in the process,” shared Paper Idol. Enjoy:

Speaking of his video, Paper Idol shared: “For this video, I posted on social media about needing a haircut, and Mike messaged me saying ‘let’s film it,’ so we did! I recruited my roommate Hannah to cut my hair and act in the video, and she did an awesome job at both, despite me constantly moving my head for the shot. Sunset at Elysian Park in East LA turned out to be the perfect location, I love how it’s quintessential LA and makes the video feel warm and comforting.”

Matan KG is the maestro behind Paper Idol who decided to leave his medical school ambitions and pursue his music dreams in LA (fun fact: Matan actually has a neuroscience degree from Wesleyan University). “Ready For Love” is from his upcoming EP Money For Flowers, which will be out on June 26th via Lowly.