All Things Blue Share New Anachronistic Video “Legend Of Chav”

Indie psych

Photo: Shabnam Ferdowsi

LA band All Things Blue share new DIY video “Legend of Chav” where we get to travel to the deserted lands of California and soak on the heat. It’s psychedelia but with traces of garage and indie pop, making “Legend of Chav” a raw soundscape with a sunny and carefree disposition. The video has that mid-60s cinematic aesthetics, making it a delightful anachronism:

“I actually wrote the lyrics for ‘Chav’ when I was about 16 after I read a story about Marie Laveau: a midwife and Voodoo practitioner from New Orleans. As for the name, our old drummer Justin Chavez cruised by the studio so we had him lay down some drumzzz and I told him he had to name the track, hence ‘Legend of Chav.’ Though I had to trick Jon into recording the tune, I think we both agree now that it would’ve felt wrong not to include Chav on our debut, if nothing else, because it’s extra fun to play inebriated.”

The track is from the band’s upcoming debut album Get Bit, which will be out on December 11th.