Evenson Delivers Funk & Heartfelt Message In “How Can I Sleep”

And we’ll be dancing to it all night

Photo: PR courtesy

Rising artist Evenson delivers a firing combination of genres that make you wanna dance all night in his latest single “How Can I Sleep.” With shimmering disco ball radiating the soulful pop production, Evenson sprinkles funk MSGs alongside jazzy elements that make “How Can I Sleep” an immediate baller track. Lyrically, “How Can I Sleep” is Evenson’s own reflection on the racial injustice where he delivers a heartfelt message that things will get better with time and persistence. Now, hit that play button:

On the influence behind his song, Evenson shared:

“I wrote ‘HOW CAN I SLEEP’ in the wake of the protests and racial injustices that were being brought to light this past summer. Information was at an all-time high and for a guy that has become more of a recluse the deeper I dive into music, I found it hard to put the phone down. I wanted to do my part and acquire more knowledge at whatever cost. So the song is pretty much about me learning to navigate in a world and racially unjust system. As black men for so long we’ve grown accustomed to the pain and the suffering, so sometimes the best way to survive is learning to be okay that things take time to get better.  I had trouble processing thoughts for days on end and that was the first time ever in my life where I actually felt sensory overload (I think). I wanted to write the lyrics from an ambiguous lens so that some listeners may even think I’m referring to a girl. I guess the song represents learning to live with your demons, whatever that is for you.

This song I would consider a funk-pop-disco-jazz-soul fusion, but for categorizing purposes, pop. This song was inspired by ‘He’s the Greatest Dancer’ by Sister Sledge, ‘Like a Prayer’ by Madonna, ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson inspired the guitar line at the end, and the Weeknd’s After Hours album. Shoutout black people and the black pioneers that set the foundation for pop music today, it’s time they received the credit they deserved.”