Juletta + Ishan Embrace Their Instincts In “Gut Feeling”


Photo: Alison Dias

Juletta + Ishan return with new R&B single “Gut Feeling,” a visceral melody that was born out of an “impromptu dance party” according to Ishan. With its slick, glimmering synths, “Gut Feeling” immediately strikes you with its intricate balance between chill and rush that you can feel in its burning atmosphere. Stream below:

Speaking of the single, Juletta shared: “I had been making decisions based on my instinct lately, and I wanted to illustrate the momentary freedom that comes from acting on your gut feeling. After months of turmoil and feeling out of touch with myself, I wanted to get my hands on the wheel again.”

The track is from their collaborative album If I Never Hit Land, which was inspired by true stories that Juletta accumulated from 30 women across New York City for the past two years. The album will be out on October 16th.