Lyle Kam Wants You To Know It’s Ok To Be Sad In “Unlove”


Photo: Artist courtesy

Toronto-based artist Lyle Kam reminds us that it’s ok to feel sad at times in his latest chill pop piece “Unlove” where he ruminates on unrequited love. Sometimes you want to stop being attracted towards someone and repress those emotions – but before you know it, you’re crying and listening to Lyle’s soothing croons that pretty much sum up your heartbreak. It’s lo-fi, but with a soaring production that deliver a certain amount of intensity. Hit play:

On his latest release, Lyle shared: “Consider the feeling of meeting someone and their presence rendering you speechless. You become self-conscious and words don’t come out right… and you don’t want to let this chance slip away because you might never see them again. Experiencing this kind of love at first sight, you can understand how someone new can quickly become your entire world.

Then, you come to learn that they are in a relationship, and all you want is to just be able to unlove them and act normal. It’s understandable to think like this, I’ve been through it. In a world where we are constantly looking for bursts of dopamine to not feel lonely, I want you to know that there’s nothing wrong with being sad sometimes.”