Yachtclub 101 Hones Our Patience Skills In “This Too Will Pass”

Synthpop on fire

Artwork: PR courtesy

Oakland-based artist Yachtclub spreads a message of positivity, hope and much-needed patience in his latest single “This Too Will Pass.” The track is from his upcoming self-titled debut LP, which will be out on November 13th.  Fueled by popping synths and hypnotic rhythmic fluidity, “This Too Will Pass” blooms with chromatic intensity filled with optimism. If this lockdown is draining you, be a bit more patient and play “This Too Will Pass” – you new dance mantra at home:

Covid has brought a lot of buried things and projects on the surface – as we spend more time indoors, we’re finally taking the time to sort through unfinished projects and lifelong goasl. And that’s what happened to Scott, aka Yachtclub 101, who has had a long successful career as musician and owning a rad bar in Oakland. After Covid hit, Scott was forced to shut down the place for good and had time to reflect on his goals. The result is an ambitious “3 records in 3 years” project where Scott will be releasing ten songs and seven videos per album.

Speaking of his upcoming record, Yachtclub 101 shared: “I imagined every song on the record live as one of the first concerts after the virus has dissipated. That first six months of live shows will be crowds so happy to be literally anywhere it will undoubtedly be a really emotional experience. Being trapped inside the last five months and the everyday fear that you might be in a hospital tomorrow on a ventilator made this record a necessary dream of the future. When this crap is over I think people are just gonna want something fun and happy for a while and I plan on bringing that happiness to every single person in the world.”